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33rd entry - Castrato Series "CASTRATO SETTE"

There comes a time when a person has to reach beyond themselves, this is not an epic moment, sometimes its as small as getting the milk behind the cream in the fridge - its the choice to do so, to try, to make the effort and do something to make your smallest wishes come true that makes the start, and that makes the difference - not the act, the mind, attitude and spirit behind it each time we blink, every time we open our eyes or listen with our ears

it is beyond our senses and intentions, it is how we feel
and what we do about it.

Would it be beautiful for us or ugly? It is a choice and an attitude toward the action.

And yes I know that sounds so complex, but really its simple and its easy to find where your true heart lies and where it tells the truth

there is a small exercise that anyone can do and it takes three minutes

step one) read this sentance

step two) close your eyes and count to ten forwards then backwards

step three) focus on the last number in your mind and open your eyes

look a…