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37th Entry - A New Chapter


I am an artist, a master investor of my life's energy my time my caring of which there is only a finite amount a blip in the sea of all there is. Knowing this, it is in my very nature to be visionary. To hope and see things in all of their beauty with all of their potential realized.  
  I am a seer of sorts, concise coordinator, an instinctively precise planner - for the placement of each single stroke whether seen or unseen and in its order there is a much greater piece to which it is a part and without it, it is incomplete.
  I am an awareness gifted by holy, a raging welling dissatisfied passion to be reckoned with for without that soul fire my eyes are dimmed and my hands sluggish, my heart grows numb and the tools of my work dull.

And still from my core to the greatest outreach of my being I am gentle. A press too great on a coal tip will snap it, a force too fast for a stain will smudge, a careless moiling could destroy months of investment so…