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28th Post, A few New Works for 2009

"Hirnlael" part of the 2009 Angelic Series
"Pendulum" part of the 2009 Human Condition Series

"Sideward Glance" part of the 2009 Angelic Series

Well after taking a brief sabbatical from blogging I'm back. I've been really rather busy wrapping up projects and boucing around the state but I am still here :) Life is being good to me as of late and I'm surfing these waves with much zeal and child like enthusiasm. I believe at this stage in my development that almost everything I do has to do with a healthy attitude. I think above all things it is a person's attitude that either makes or breaks them - - that perpetuates any and every blessing or disaster they experience. Saying that I have the greatest of hopes for a warm fall and a new series full of varied focus matter and inspirations. Quick thanks for all my loyal fans and readers. I will be back to detail more of the work at a later time.