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11th Entry, May 23rd 2008

"Reminds Me of Eric"
What makes a person who seems happy enough or functional enough one day simply disappear?It happens much more than we think. That question, however significant, was only part of the inspiration behind this piece. The idea really was to stamp a memory of someone who disappeared one day, an aching snapshot of someones recollection. Based on several very true stories I wanted to combine emotions of loss and hope to create the overall effect.
There are people who have touched my life, some I had seen every day at one time that I have no contact with anymore. Placing that fact with the concept of disappearing within ones self and how a loss would effect someone colors and images started to play their part. Its my experience that when someone is terribly effected by a loss it is themselves they end up looking for over again. I know of people who grossly decline because of it. They wither and are never the same and still others that survive it, spread their wing…

10th Entry, May 13th 2008

"If art mimics life, what piece are you working on today?"
- Patrick Gorman Pettis
"past that comes between us"

When it comes to getting an element to gift you with it's colours there are a few methods one can try.

The easiest of which is a technique I call "pressing". I love dandelions, they kind of remind me of me in a way lol. The misunderstood weed that tries real hard. My grandmother told me of a time when they would use them in salads and how my great grandfather would make wine from them. They are very bitter to taste and have an earthy tart and hearty smell.

If one really looks at these little guys and forgives them their reputation they can see something beautiful. Not only the delicate petals packed into a square inch sometimes by the hundreds but a bright snap of creation's purest yellow. It almost says "Hey!! Get Over Here! Lighten up!" they're just cute little persistent buggers to me.

It was really neat to learn that at a t…