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42nd Entry - 2013 Past Life Series, Part Four

In my world, things are not just things. I believe in the symbolic values of objects and images, once assigned they can inspire a wounded soul, change a stale attitude, renew a tired traveler or motivate. A candle, a bird, a cup, the number three, throughout time there has always been an allocation of spiritual assignment to so many things we encounter commonly and daily in our day to day lives. When placed together a certain way they form a kind of mathematical statement, a visual sentence.

For example: think of bread, wine, a cross and the number 12 or poker chips, a roulette wheel and a flashing neon sign, maybe a tomato, garlic and oregano - - these mean things assembled in our minds, in an order they produce a larger image a definition that as a whole is much more detailed and in depth and greater than the items themselves individually.
Art, to me, is very much the same way. These symbols when looked on in such a way, with this awareness directly and almost instant…