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14th Entry, June 28th 2008

treating the piece titled, "To Move a Bloom" with a mixture of coffee, cinnamon and vanilla

I am currently working on a piece I have wanted a reason to develop for over a decade now. It was not something I would simply do without a reason because of it's inspiration and meaning to me. I knew it would be an intense dedication of my energy that I would have to begin and stay with until completion.

There are a few of those types of pieces where the desire to see it unfold is so complete that I am consumed by it and working on it up to 30 hours straight in one sitting. Others still, that I can put down and work on or pick up again, and even others which are what I call my "now and then's". I knew that in order to communicate what I wanted on the canvas the piece would require my undivided attention.

The inspiration took seed after I read a poem by E.E. Cummings titled, "somewhere i have never travelled" - the poem goes as follows.
somewhere i have never …

13th Entry, June 12th 2008

The opening during 1st Friday's event in Albany was a great amount of fun and a success. I kind of went in knowing from other people that it was going to be a busy event but it was literally packed.

Alan Ilagan, art director and fellow exhibitor, did an excellent job and was quite a wonderful host. I was honestly proud to be a part of it. Being a moderately awkward person with a shy streak it's difficult to come into a new and social situation. Add to that attribute talking about something so personal as one's creative work.

Because people, lets face it, there are so many ways to be awkward lol. For example, I was already dressed and literally at the front door about to enter the gallery when I was stopped on the street by a man with his dog who smilingly said, "now that is a BLUE shirt." I then realized that you could probably spot me from space in it lol. He wasn't being insulting, just observant and once I thought about it I found it hilarious. A decade ag…

Patrick Gorman Pettis' Blog: 12th entry, June 4th 2008

12th entry, June 4th 2008

"5 day Saint"

I believe in the temporary hero, the person who isn't always perfect but is mostly good and tries. I think that the world is full of these kinds of men and women, boys and girls. Yet where really are they recorded?

We can look in any church to see images of those more saintly - the people who could be perfect seven days a week. However more times than not there are everyday angels among us who go unknown, live and die unseen.

Though history may never mark their names and society never really hear of their deeds they are a necessary element to our populations. That is the reason I made this piece, it is for them. In a way to let them know that I can see that they exist and am grateful for them.

The piece has natural inks from rose, lobelia, sweet potato vine and chocolate. It was done on a 16 inch wide by 20 inch tall fine cotton, wood mounted canvas. I wanted to create a look of empathy and deep understanding. Like a listening that creates feeling within. To th…