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36th Entry "The Shinigami Series of 2011"

There is a strange sense of strength in feeling free, without the inhibitions of the physical - where the rules though they are still present can be skated on like leaves in the wind against gravity.

This was the leading thought behind the premier piece in the 2011 Shinigami Series "ShinigamiAki". But to understand the theory and concept behind the entire process one has to know what a Shinigami is.

The series came about after reading some Chinese and Japanese folklore. The stories were rich in a time where forces and spirits walked the Earth - timeless, wise and/or bored. These forces played a variety of tricks on humankind for what ever reason and administered tests of character testing one's cleverness, inner strength or worthiness of honor.

I used this spark of interest in tandem with a song by Origa which uses Russian, Latin and English vernacular in a haunting message that to some may seem common sense. However, it is so profound in its portrayal of near to 100 bea…