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32nd Entry - The Castrato Series

There comes a time in each person's life when they wish they could simply reach out and touch god, but they cannot - as children we look to the sky and at the ground and wonder why. When presented to the solution "because" we are each challenged with the definition of our ownand at times that can become quite frustrating.

There are moments in our lives wherever we are when we look into the mirror and can barely recognise ourselves, and these are not monumental moments they go on and on within us in their own proclivity droning about like the hum of a cell phone set on vibrate. It is simply a need, to sing, to paint, to draw or caption or write or dance.

Alexander Scott once saw prints of my paintings and stated " Stop this train I want to go home tonight" and in the background to the left you can almost see a train. I digress - what is the real reason why we exist - this is the question

The answer is "because" On Page 129 of Anne Rice's Book. "A…

31st Entry - The Castrato Series

"Castrato Cinque"

There comes a time in each person's life when they look at the people they know and wonder what if.

These are not epic moments, sometimes they last only a fraction of a second, the woman we know at the drug store, the child we know will become an adult, the parent we've only known as a child and not as a person - these moments are valid, they're human, and they happen all of the time within us.

"Castrato Cinque" was inspired by the ninth Chapter to Anne Rice's Book "A Cry to Heaven" - the lead character is simply looking into a mirror at his own reflection - however the moment he has is one of those what if moments - a heartbeat long, and he for a spit second wonders exactly how far he has gotten away from himself

what has he become
who is he when he is alone
and does he exist outside of simply playing a role at all.

The painting is done on wool backed with a sulfur and aluminium mix combined with salt water, dandelions were us…

31st Entry - The Castrato Series "Castrato Quattro"

There comes a time in each person's life when they are faced with an equivicalble challenge where they must either face themselves and grow or fuck themselves over and simply survive - these arent always epic or monumental moments, sometimes they happen at the ass end of a grocery line, but they are so very important to each of us personally and impact us as equally.

The question most people most of the time ask during these moments is "really?" and the answer most of the time is "yes, really". Although this seems a redundant dance between situation and participant the result is near to magical because it is a choice and in our choices lay our character in the play called life - where we can either play out to the fullest or break our own traditions and create consistance and find opportunity.

The concept between "Castrato Quattro" and this scenario situationalism is really quite similar - Imagine a time where the idea of you was more important the real…

30th Entry - The Second Series for 2010, CASTRATO

Introducing the 2nd Series for 2010 "Castrato"

As inspired by the Anne Rice novel "A Cry to Heaven" which is a tale about the Castrati in Venice Italy during a time where the Catholic faith was deeply vested in politics, wealth and beauty - these men some from more than humble beginnings, in exchange for some security traded the essence of their manhood for the voices of Angels.

What impressed me is the time period and language in which Mrs. Rice used to tell the dramatic tale about such a Castrato. Without giving away any of the plot or further iteration on her characters I will say it's a must read if you haven't done so you can acquire it in paperback for under ten dollars in some places, its highly addicting.

Once considered a fascinating oddity reveared and feared for their strange appearences, these men comprised a group held tightly by their own subculture - almost bohemian. Unfortunately the only known recording is from 1902 - the last Castrato Alessa…