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34th Entry - "Anagram" 2011

Often I am asked as an artist, what inspires me - the truth is most anything can inspire me, where I am fixated is the concept behind the desire to create the piece - I will see something in everyday life that simply stands out, yes, but it isn't always an object its more a theory or societal norm or attitude almost and once it gets my attention it is all I can see until the piece is done. At that level of contemplation the piece will usually take care of itself, it just "makes sense" and it's painted.

For example, I have often noticed that no matter what roles we play in life, son/daughter to mother/father or boss or child or friend or enemy we are still completely us - no matter what section we portray to fulfill that role we are complete within ourselves and carry each role like a living filing cabinet of lives tapping into each file when needed (or sometimes not needed), when appropriate (or not always appropriate at all). We are who we are, better at some roles …