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43rd Entry - The Internationally Sold "2013 Warrior + Series"

There are those among us who have endured and are still strong, are still happy. These men and women have used mind body and soul to overcome their challenges and with will and attitude have chosen. They have chosen to have a life rather than let life have them. This makes them more than Warriors, each with their own story each with their own set of wisdom, each leaders and teachers by the example of their lives. This series was inspired by them, those heroes who may or may not have kingdoms, wealth and fame for who they are but are wealthy and powerful none the matter. We know them, and we are them if we also choose to be. 
Each piece is a symbol of the attitudes and impressions within this concept. I will detail them each for you in this entry as best I can but as we know with ideas, feelings and art . . . our language, our words cannot say it all and rarely say it accurately so I ask that you go beyond them. Search within these pieces your own meaning if you can, and I thank you in…