47th entry the '2017 Gowns Series'

If we were to line up our challenges, like lines on a blank canvas, our story, experiences, great adventures and heartbreaks. We could choose to wear our history as chains that drag and clunk, or as wings,capes,gowns which beautifully trail behind us. This is the inspiration behind my latest fine art series "Gowns".
In life there are things beyond our control. but still the one powerful thing we do have control over is choice. Surely the very things that knock us right on our asses sometimes can also serve as the fuel we need to make the next step, and not just 'let me buy a new shirt' type changes, real life altering changes. Here we see a woman, as she is walking away, the lines of her experiences amassing as they billow away from her step. She cinches her dress to make the slightest adjustment in order to clear her next step or perhaps to make her stride more comfortable. The gown appears heavy yet light.  The symbolism here is consistent with the series.In the sec…

46th entry - the '2016 Time Series'

according to Niche its irrelevant, according to Einstein its perspective. I offer a new theory on an old theory, its mass.

Like in the movie "LUCY" which was a fantastic extreme on theory of what happens to a human brain if we can use more of it, it was a fun film to watch. She uses principals of quantum physics and applied mathematics in reference to this. Take for example a car driving down a stretch of highway, its a simple path one straight line, then speed that car up. Speed that car up so fast it fades into existence as if it was never there at all. To you it might disappear completely but its not,

Time is the thing that gives us definition/meaning. within our own observational experience our personal gravity its a bubble, its moving quickly to some and slowly to others. Time as an element is more beautiful and needed than any other type of energy for it is precious. In the larger scale of all things it is perhaps the most valuable commodity.

Lets take this concep…

45th Entry - 'The Sigil Series of 2014'

Our world is full of things not yet defined by conventional science, not yet understood by our limited comprehension of  mathematics. Even agnostic, and atheist can agree that there is in fact allot more about all things that we do not understand than those things we do.

However there were those before us, whose cultures and societies that reached greatness, that believed in their way the intangible. The inspiration behind this series came from those of totem animals, a belief system in the accordance of nature and the Native American Indians but shared by other cultures through time and all over the world.
These people, believed in spirit guides taking the form of animals. Known as spirit animals, or totem animals, tradition provides that each individual is connected with nine different animals that will accompany each person through life, acting as guides. Different animal guides come in and out of our lives depending on the direction that we are headed and the tasks that need to be c…

44th Entry - 'The Mosaic Series of 2014'

 Inspiration can come from anywhere, when you're open to being inspired 
. . .
and even sometimes when you're not.

I was looking closely at the veins in my plants and thought how fantastic these small singular pieces are on this side and that.

Each consisting of their own individual cells each performing a function but the plant itself is as a whole an entirely greater creature. The sum is greater than its individual parts. How much like life is that.

Each of us carry within us as many molecules as there are stars in the sky and more than an estimated ten trillion little cells in our bodies which we are for the most part very directly in charge of and affect. But more than that what of our moments, our experiences and actions, our deeds.

Within the sum of our lives there are facets; memories and preferences, who we are, what we did, who and what we loved, how we were effected and what we affect.

I tried to imagine that, as a sum of days within a life what would that look like. .…

43rd Entry - The Internationally Sold "2013 Warrior + Series"

There are those among us who have endured and are still strong, are still happy. These men and women have used mind body and soul to overcome their challenges and with will and attitude have chosen. They have chosen to have a life rather than let life have them. This makes them more than Warriors, each with their own story each with their own set of wisdom, each leaders and teachers by the example of their lives. This series was inspired by them, those heroes who may or may not have kingdoms, wealth and fame for who they are but are wealthy and powerful none the matter. We know them, and we are them if we also choose to be. 
Each piece is a symbol of the attitudes and impressions within this concept. I will detail them each for you in this entry as best I can but as we know with ideas, feelings and art . . . our language, our words cannot say it all and rarely say it accurately so I ask that you go beyond them. Search within these pieces your own meaning if you can, and I thank you in…

42nd Entry - 2013 Past Life Series, Part Four

In my world, things are not just things. I believe in the symbolic values of objects and images, once assigned they can inspire a wounded soul, change a stale attitude, renew a tired traveler or motivate. A candle, a bird, a cup, the number three, throughout time there has always been an allocation of spiritual assignment to so many things we encounter commonly and daily in our day to day lives. When placed together a certain way they form a kind of mathematical statement, a visual sentence.

For example: think of bread, wine, a cross and the number 12 or poker chips, a roulette wheel and a flashing neon sign, maybe a tomato, garlic and oregano - - these mean things assembled in our minds, in an order they produce a larger image a definition that as a whole is much more detailed and in depth and greater than the items themselves individually.
Art, to me, is very much the same way. These symbols when looked on in such a way, with this awareness directly and almost instant…