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9th entry, April 30th 2008

Fans, friends and family have often asked me if it's ever hard for me to part with a work.

My answer is never the same twice really lol but the words are,
"it depends".

These pieces are a measurement of my energy and time on this earth. Considering that on a generous average in a rounded up kind of way that we only have about 100 years here that makes what we are doing each day a pretty big deal.

Easily they are a part of me, and I never really say goodbye to any of them, they are all in my head and locked into chapters of my life. They never really say goodbye to me either because a part of me goes with them each time a piece is sold. Some of the newer artists and people I've taught have had problems with this. My advice to them was really to have two bodies of work.

There are those works created that I simply cannot part with for whatever reason, too personal, too illicit etc. Those are part of a secret collection that no other eyes save my own have ever seen. Those are…

7th Entry, April 27th 2008

The very last bit of paint to touch a nearly completed piece is my signature. I have to be sure that the work is finished and spend quite some time living with it before I even contemplate putting that seal on it. The photographs to the left are of me doing exactly that to the work known as "Breathe" as outlined in the previous six entries of this blog.

If you'd like to see this work from the very beginning all that you need do is scroll back. I personally find it entertaining because even though I've had pictures of me taken while working in the past I have never before journaled it this thoroughly. I found journaling this series to be both revealing and rewarding. I am really looking forward to actually writing more about the pieces to come.
By the time this blog is posted "Breathe" will already have been treated with a special preservative to protect the living parts of it and keep the colors and striations fresh as if just painted. Because
there are natur…

6th Entry, April 18th 2008

I believe that we human beings are much more sensitive then we are aware. I think we kind of have to "dumb down" that awareness to survive in a world where we are subjected to so much stimuli. Otherwise it would flood our minds and ultimately confuse or overwhelm us leaving a really nasty impression that never stopped on our beings. Kind of like tasting a dish that has every flavor in it all at once and leaving an aftertaste that never stopped. As a form of survival our minds are designed to specialize, connections in one or more areas are strengthened and others weaken. The result offers us as a race the potential to surf an omnipresent saturation of psycho-emotional and physical experiences and dive into those we ultimately choose to. That said I believe that the way a mind works is the way that life will be.

There are those moments where we allow our sensitivities to dialate and that sense in some capacity opens, widens and takes in, every ounce of what exactly is going on…

5th Entry, April 10th 2008

second set of photo's taken of the piece titled "Breathe" a work in progress as outlined in the previous entries of my blog

the piece is done with natural inks, stains and dyes made by me on mounted canvas 24 inches tall by 30 inches wide

nothing has been done to the photographs outside of adding sample txt, these were taken by the same exact camera without a flash of any kind in day to evening lighting

a side effect of using natural inks is that as in nature, when they are prepared correctly, the colors seem to change in different lighting

I often wonder how many times a person looks for the rewind button before they simply stay put for a second, and breathe. I suppose its become my nature to be grateful for the simplest of things. It's funny how almost losing your life can have that impact, and how contagious an attitude is between people.

I'm from a sleepy little place called Glenville that rests it's head on the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers. Schenectady, the oldes…

4th entry, April 3rd 2008

the base coat of "Breathe" a recent work in progress as outlined by my previous entries it is 24 inches by 30 inches

When a person desires to do something so badly that they want to do it well and even communicate that way they have a “passion”. When they make that passion a way of life it becomes, in a way, a “discipline”. They are different creatures and the change is a noticeable one.

A quiet focus assumes them where the thought of that very thing become omnipresent, and saturates their existence and they are pleased with that. The world responds to them differently as well, with a kind of respect if their dedication is complete.

For me simply being passionate about a thing is not enough, it is the half step or the half read book. It needs the discipline in order to hone it in its own way toward a form of independent personal perfection. There are several types of this occurring all throughout nature, human and others, putting a proverbial “reason” to rhyme and creating desi…

3rd Entry, March 26 2008

That's me working the very 1st part of what will be known as "Breathe"

It's amazing what can happen to time when a person is really into what they're doing.

It's just as amazing how the simple everyday act of existing can be so effortless when someone really enjoys the activity they're into.

On a side note, I mean I know people with regrets, you know the ones that claim they woke up one day and they were 90 or something to that effect.

I think the difference is being grateful and having the appropriate attitude.

That way one's life isn't a series of distractions, they're a pearl string of events and chapters to re-read/recall fondly and others still to look forward to. It's a way to make a moment into the most intricate forever and a day into a minute you can remember every second of.

I can't sleep tonight, and this painting titled"Breathe" and everything behind it is very much on my mind.

I started from 10am on it yesterday…

2nd Entry, March 23 2008

I am not a man of words really - easily I am better written than spoken, and even better painting than I am writing when it comes to communicating the idea.

I suppose that's why I have always drawn and painted even since I was a child.

Stating so, I cannot really apologize for my blog lol

it's just simple me trying something new as a suggestion by my agent so here it goes - my 1st entry.

Were it to be I had no voice and no words and were I to speak in sound alone and had I to exchange the art of writing in sentences to that of notes in stanzas I would describe myself in a single five minute and forty-three second paragraph called "Whisper of a Thrill"by ThomasNewman those readers who would truly like to get to know me should find it it is me to a proverbial "t"

it is the song I hear in my head each morning and the song that comes to me when I'm painting and real serious about things and real peaceful with things

I sometimes use music in a variety of types to increase…

Very First Entry, March 21st 2008

Thank you all for looking into my blog - this section of the website is new so forgive the short first entry.

This is my very first blog, I started it upon recommendation of my agent so we'll see how it goes.

I hope to use it to express the notion behind the method and communicate more closely with my fans (thank you all so much for your support).

Feel free to sign the guestbook and post any questions for me there ;)