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46th entry - the '2016 Time Series'

according to Niche its irrelevant, according to Einstein its perspective. I offer a new theory on an old theory, its mass.

Like in the movie "LUCY" which was a fantastic extreme on theory of what happens to a human brain if we can use more of it, it was a fun film to watch. She uses principals of quantum physics and applied mathematics in reference to this. Take for example a car driving down a stretch of highway, its a simple path one straight line, then speed that car up. Speed that car up so fast it fades into existence as if it was never there at all. To you it might disappear completely but its not,

Time is the thing that gives us definition/meaning. within our own observational experience our personal gravity its a bubble, its moving quickly to some and slowly to others. Time as an element is more beautiful and needed than any other type of energy for it is precious. In the larger scale of all things it is perhaps the most valuable commodity.

Lets take this concep…