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35th Entry - "The String Quartet Series of 2011"

This series was directly inspired by the work of Philadelphia based Composer Jeffery Cotton and his body of work. His artistry is a combination of surprise and harmony which is ultimately quite literally haunting. It leaves a deep and unforgettable impression that lingers - an impression that one memorizes in its intrinsic folds - like a person can recall the smell of coconut from memory or the taste of a very tart lemon but a layered small eternity more intense, what better a source of inspiration to an impressionist painter. You can see him and sample listen to some of his work here

The more I worked on the pieces the scope of the project changed. I chose to create a string quartet series for a few reasons - a person can be uncomplicated and still be complex. Though I don't believe I am one of those people (yet) I still know they exist, that said I believe we are all equally made up of four basic parts - the mind, the body, the…