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29th Post - 1st Series Reveal For 2010 "Waiting"

"FADE" 18 inches by 12 inches #2 of 7 in the 2010 "Waiting" Series by Patrick GormanPettis * a teenaged boy exchanging video games for store credit at the mall

Its difficult to be consistent in a world that is constantly changing,

though I have to state it isn't the "world" so much as the daily on goings of our own human society which requires our adaptability to be pushed so far to the extreme.
There's always something else, and the challenge then - even if subconscious, is to find comfort within uncertainty.

Gleefully those days of "Live, work hard and die later" are interrupted by the latest buzz and sales pitches coming from pop culture divas and latest technologies. Not that I mind, mind you, but it is just all entertainment on the road toward the inevitable and the inevitable has a three letter word "PAY". That concept, the concept of "pay" is elemental, which to me means it is beyond being human and much less compli…