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21st Entry, August 27th 2008

"Serenity is a frame of mind, it is a way in which one thinks then moves it is not a destination but a discovery one derives from within ones self and though lost at times, once made it cannot be undone but attained again and again if one chooses it."

- Tobias Talbott
caption from a short story titled Of Wolves and Angels written by
Tobias Talbott 1994

Have you ever seen or heard something that for no particular reason simply stuck in your head?

For me the answer to that is "many times" call it a job hazard or my nature as a creative force but yes I have a proverbial library of such things and to each a memory attached and to those a stimulous and emotion and to such an attitude built upon and therefore an action, I paint it. Ergo the term "Impressionism" people, stories and even surroundings - they impress me by definition to impress means to leave an imprint derived from the latin term onis rhet philo (appearantly the way its spelt has nothing to do with the w…

August 13th 2008, Hairless

Who are we really?

How honest can we possibly be in a world where we're almost expected to be unimportant and simply go?

I know that we are in fact each of us precious, and perhaps each of us just a little weird. We have our tools and "things" like our bodies, our homes and our details or preferences/addictions but hind sightly really how much do we need? And who sets that definition?

Well for any graduated soul the answer is simple, in reality, I do. I do myself and only me set those definitions of who I am and how I am presented, let the rest be left for angels and devils to decide in how I am perceivedor how my true image is perverted. Trust me between the mob and rumor they usually if not always do and 99.9% of the time need no permissions.What is the difference in psycho-emotional miles between manipulation of one's own presentation and of other's perceptions then? Where within that does the truth lie (so to speak)lol?

This was a theory put on canvas by me after…

19th Entry August 9th 2008, "6th Installment: To Move A Bloom"

"To Move a Bloom" by Patrick Gorman Pettis

These are the final pictures of the piece. Henna and black acrylic were used to apply the very last details.

Thankfully it has already been purchased by a wonderful gentleman in Florida. It is the only one of its kind, unique in so many ways to my other work. The subject alone sets it in its own category. As I've stated before in previous entries my collectors and fans, readers of this blog already know that I add images hidden into the piece as my way of rewarding those who really look. If a person is interested in a work of mine I want to keep them entertained while maintaining the integrity of that piece's statement and idea. And although I cannot tell you, my reader, where they actually are in the piece I had pictures taken of a few of them. The last three pictures in this entry are of those images.
Thank you all for reading and watching the development of this specific work. To see it in its very beginning stages and the st…