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27th Entry, November 29th 2008, Angelic Series part 9

Remahlkraeil - the littlest Angel and Giver of the Red Autumn Leaf
14x11 inches on cotton canvas
as commissioned by Mr. James Beck
valued at 890 Euros, 1,074 US Dollars
receipt number 1994756320

Everyone has an Angel
Here is the story behind Remahlkraeil

Once Upon a time when all the world was covered with the most beautiful of creations, Angels became separated.

You see, there was a momentum of creation then and so it was, as it was known by all that could be known so as a gift and guide there were special ones, like seeds scattered amounst the Earth, the Sea and Blue Green Jewel - and to each of them - from those that were left - were assigned an Angel to keep up the Garden of Humankind.

One for the right shoulder, and another for the left. Of all of the Angels there 14 that stated their gifts were at the mercy of all of creation, there are 9 left today still here with us.

The most powerful of which are Obian (brown), Cerah (yellow), Remahlkreil (red and gold), Taurmaline (blue and violet) an…

26th Entry, November 27th 2008, Angelic Series part 8

From time to time, even when we don't really know it, we all call on Angels.

It is simply a basic force of creation to assure us that everything is simply ok.

We humans being human can get so very busy we sometimes end up the last ones on our "to do" list. And sometimes we end up so far down that list we get lost. In my single experience, and in my simple understanding, it isn't really fair of me to treat something so special so poorly. However, I also understand that everything happens for a reason and that the reason exists before that specific "thing" did to fulfill it, me included lol. Admittedly I am not always at the top of my own to do list, but that's why I have a special reminder by the name of Annael, I digress.

Anyway, it happens in nature all the time.

Once the apple peel oxides it creates a simple wax at it's skin which when heated turns into an oil that is really quite popular in candles and is extremelyfragrant. Added to willow and lemon …

25th Entry, November 26th 2008, Angelic Series part 5

" All that we spirits desire, we spirits attain and so

if it were an eye for an eye the whole world would be blind,
know then too that a work of art is a stepfromwhat is "so obvious" and well known by the wise

towardwhat is Arcane and concealed.
Forget not that the very Earth delights in the feel your of bare feet, as does the wind love to play with your hair.
For it is known also by the wise
that Love knows not it's own depth until those hours of separation. And a little knowledge that produces even the smallest of action is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle"
- KahillGibran

This Thanksgiving I challenge each of you to stand up at your tables and be grateful because none of us deserve anything and we have everything and at least more than someone else, I dare you to feel grateful and to announce and express gratuity in your own ways

even if it just means looking the next person in the eye and saying, "Thank You".

Now lets get to the art

A …

24th Entry, September 20th 2008, Angelic Series part 4

" . . . . with eyes closed I could understand something

that perhaps it is not me but the things that need me that provides me with the power to move and go,

and I understood then that, basically, if it (anything really) was to be it was up to me and that I needed to not do it alone but to draw all of the strength of all of those connections

and become an adult

and simply knowing that was enough, so after some silly fit and medium term discomfort quietly I went and now I am here and it is really quite beautiful where I am today, this moment and right now.

I thank the best and beyond of me for that each day, I am grateful but know myself well enough now and after all of this "growing up" to state that I am still not done yet. There's always plenty to do, but even more than that I find myself interested and actually quite passionate about people's lives.

Lets just say I'm alive, smart, with a healthy curiosity - I have my druthers about me young man, now pour me a w…

23rd Entry, September 18th 2008, Angelic Series part 3

"You mean each breath we take there is enough power to fuel a light bulb? Can you imagine if we were to run to something at the same time?! Holy Crap."

- Kaityn A.
Marlboro Mass, age 11

by Patrick GormanPettis

20 inches in height by 16 inches in length on pine framed cotton in natural inks stains and dyes valued at 1,727 USD by the Filopoly Board of Fine Arts

What happens to us when it seems as though the world we know and the one we wanted has left us behind?
We cope or suffer or both and either
live or die from it.
And there is no testament to strength to either
simply example as to how and why
the rest we can choose to keep private or share.

The Angel Zephreil was once known as the Angelic force "ZAPHREIL"

allowed it to serve as primary spy on behalf of the Name's into the Lucifer's very organized in dependantcuriosities.

This creative force could change its nature and walk into the dark side but always coming back a…

22nd Entry, September 14th 2008, Angelic Series part 2

- "Uriel" by Patrick GormanPettis 36"h x 24"l on framed cotton canvas completed 07/2008 in natural medium as part of the 2008 Angelic Series

The Angel Uriel assists us to convert our greatest disappointments into the source of our grandest triumphs if we are strong enough and open enough to let it happen.

Have you ever been so disarmed by someone else's actions that you hurt as though you were a child being beaten by a Leviathan?

That feeling puts one in a place where you are powerless to stop it, you are that defenseless against it and you do not know when it will end. More so you fear to be forever changed by it.

During those moments for some there is a hero known as the Arc Angel Uriel.

My inspiration behind "Uriel" was one at first of a rather specific and terrific disappointment. If one can see it, it wears itself on the canvas that way at first. However through time with this force of nature it then became what my definition of strength was in the gr…

21st Entry, August 27th 2008

"Serenity is a frame of mind, it is a way in which one thinks then moves it is not a destination but a discovery one derives from within ones self and though lost at times, once made it cannot be undone but attained again and again if one chooses it."

- Tobias Talbott
caption from a short story titled Of Wolves and Angels written by
Tobias Talbott 1994

Have you ever seen or heard something that for no particular reason simply stuck in your head?

For me the answer to that is "many times" call it a job hazard or my nature as a creative force but yes I have a proverbial library of such things and to each a memory attached and to those a stimulous and emotion and to such an attitude built upon and therefore an action, I paint it. Ergo the term "Impressionism" people, stories and even surroundings - they impress me by definition to impress means to leave an imprint derived from the latin term onis rhet philo (appearantly the way its spelt has nothing to do with the w…

August 13th 2008, Hairless

Who are we really?

How honest can we possibly be in a world where we're almost expected to be unimportant and simply go?

I know that we are in fact each of us precious, and perhaps each of us just a little weird. We have our tools and "things" like our bodies, our homes and our details or preferences/addictions but hind sightly really how much do we need? And who sets that definition?

Well for any graduated soul the answer is simple, in reality, I do. I do myself and only me set those definitions of who I am and how I am presented, let the rest be left for angels and devils to decide in how I am perceivedor how my true image is perverted. Trust me between the mob and rumor they usually if not always do and 99.9% of the time need no permissions.What is the difference in psycho-emotional miles between manipulation of one's own presentation and of other's perceptions then? Where within that does the truth lie (so to speak)lol?

This was a theory put on canvas by me after…

19th Entry August 9th 2008, "6th Installment: To Move A Bloom"

"To Move a Bloom" by Patrick Gorman Pettis

These are the final pictures of the piece. Henna and black acrylic were used to apply the very last details.

Thankfully it has already been purchased by a wonderful gentleman in Florida. It is the only one of its kind, unique in so many ways to my other work. The subject alone sets it in its own category. As I've stated before in previous entries my collectors and fans, readers of this blog already know that I add images hidden into the piece as my way of rewarding those who really look. If a person is interested in a work of mine I want to keep them entertained while maintaining the integrity of that piece's statement and idea. And although I cannot tell you, my reader, where they actually are in the piece I had pictures taken of a few of them. The last three pictures in this entry are of those images.
Thank you all for reading and watching the development of this specific work. To see it in its very beginning stages and the st…