46th entry - the '2016 Time Series'

according to Niche its irrelevant, according to Einstein its perspective. I offer a new theory on an old theory, its mass.

Like in the movie "LUCY" which was a fantastic extreme on theory of what happens to a human brain if we can use more of it, it was a fun film to watch. She uses principals of quantum physics and applied mathematics in reference to this. Take for example a car driving down a stretch of highway, its a simple path one straight line, then speed that car up. Speed that car up so fast it fades into existence as if it was never there at all. To you it might disappear completely but its not,

Time is the thing that gives us definition/meaning. within our own observational experience our personal gravity its a bubble, its moving quickly to some and slowly to others. Time as an element is more beautiful and needed than any other type of energy for it is precious. In the larger scale of all things it is perhaps the most valuable commodity.

Lets take this concept into a more deeper meaning, if we could fathom our lives and how we grow like all of nature grows we would see a sphere. Not like the circles of coming back to the beginning, but imagine a planet. a gravity drawing into it with that nature and preferences

Each of us with our own mutate-able formula and beautiful.Why formula? Everything is a formula, in simplicity a basic "If , Then , Else " , look at the same car now imagine youre the driver coming up to an intersection with a stoplight at it.
If green

Then go
Else see if the light is yellow or red

If red
Then stop
Else remain going or slow down

We of course are not this simple but that is the basis, A multitude of seemingly endless layers of if then else firing off in our minds simultaneously in milliseconds; some so quick we arent aware of them. It happens in all of nature. And much like driving a vehicle, when we become aware of them we can control them to bring about wonderful and amazing things in our perspective realities.

We can manipulate time. Not in the sense of Dr. Who (yet) but in the sense of what we do with it and how it impacts the other elements in reality. We do this all the time, cooking, learning, breathing, making relationships, making babies, sneezing, showering, all the time. Also, how we spend our time effects how others spend theirs as a result. The person who said "wow, walking everywhere is the pitts!" and decided to put two wheels on a seat probably never expected someday we'd be complaining about gas prices or engineering alternative fuel sources. How we choose to control our time is epic and this is true for all of us, simple cause and effect.

Each of us hold, within the palms of our hands (in a manner of speaking), a day that has not been created yet, a world not yet brought into reality. How we choose to care for it is simply up to us. Like it or not it's ours to do with what we wish. By mastering our series of moments and by using the power and caring of choices before they begin to impact a reality is to master one's own formula.

The trick is to be aware of them, to be aware is to be alive.

How we feel is based so much on what we think, what we think thats so deeply thought we forget we are thinking about it at all. Bringing it back to the formula statement I made earlier, the line is this: Thoughts, Feelings, Attitudes, Behaviors, Repeat

The person driving the car can have a happy drive to the intersection, or an angry drive, a sad drive, frantic, peaceful, etc but behind each of these emotional states there were a series of thoughts that lined up to create that. Beyond that an attitude toward the type of drive and beyond that the way they would be driving (angry driver, sleepy driver, happy driver) visible to us in our realities and either making us happier because the song theyre playing rocks or pissing us off because they just cut us off or whatever.

Im not an English major and at the sacrifice of great grammar and sentence structure (Sorry Professor G. Welch) I hope these creative ideas are translating successfully. Please forgive that one transgression. I write the way I talk, and honestly most feel exhausted to catch me when Im speaking passionately about something. I digress, time.

As a kind of kowtow within the vein of this time theme who better to acknowledge than the time lords themselves. Gallifreyan is a Mathematical language using spheres and physics in a logarithm. Each logarithm is represented by a series of concentric rings which can be read from outer to inner. As illustrated in the photographs of my artwork they appear in each of the pieces within this series. Each has a meaning For Example in "One" the rings behind the focal figure read as "Create Your Reality".

In multiple shapes these glyph appear in layers, like my artwork is layered with seemingly hidden images. This quantum language depicts not something linear like our left to right language but as a whole, the entire statement of an idea at once. I've used a gold element to draw the statements in the piece outward which is seemingly non existent until the light hits it just right, because to me our moments are as such. These 'things' that we might not really notice until after they have occurred and we regard more closely, most of which, hopefully, with fondness. But again that depends on us.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about this series as much as I've enjoyed sharing it with you. Feel free to visit previous entries should you like. More to come soon, thank you for the love.


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