44th Entry - 'The Mosaic Series of 2014'

Solarium made from Caramelized Sugar
 Inspiration can come from anywhere, when you're open to being inspired 
. . .
and even sometimes when you're not.

I was looking closely at the veins in my plants and thought how fantastic these small singular pieces are on this side and that.

Each consisting of their own individual cells each performing a function but the plant itself is as a whole an entirely greater creature. The sum is greater than its individual parts. How much like life is that.

"One" from the 'Mosaic Series of 2014' by Patrick Gorman Pettis

Each of us carry within us as many molecules as there are stars in the sky and more than an estimated ten trillion little cells in our bodies which we are for the most part very directly in charge of and affect. But more than that what of our moments, our experiences and actions, our deeds.

Within the sum of our lives there are facets; memories and preferences, who we are, what we did, who and what we loved, how we were effected and what we affect.

"Two" from the 'Mosaic Series of 2014' by Patrick Gorman Pettis
I tried to imagine that, as a sum of days within a life what would that look like. . . what, if any, total image when its all said and done would a life lived look like, if someone could see it all together, the image of what we leave behind . . . the answer as I was looking at the smallest of plants was 'like a mosaic'.

Every life is precious like a jewel, and so I felt that the way to illustrate and express this would be to create these facets, this mosaic image as a cut jewel a marriage of both of these concepts.

"Three" from the 'Mosaic Series of 2014' by Patrick Gorman Pettis

Add to this that once something is done, once an experience is had or truth known there is no undoing it, no unknowing it no way to without serious injury un-experience it. Although we cope and can change and grow even alter the state of our realities those moments without time travel are fixed.

So I wanted to place that within this marriage of a jeweled mosaic. The sculpture of our lives, the work in progress that is only finished when we are. This is how I saw it, the sum of days within a life and what that might look like.

Using a combination of my own home made black ink, charcoal and pencil, I worked organically until each facet was placed and piece completed.

To create your own Black Ink:
½ cup honey

one egg yolk, 
½ teaspoon lamp black, 

What is 'Lamp black'?  Well, before you go hunting for it here and there put simply its the dark thick resin created when a candle (be it wax or oil) is held near to metal or glass. I'm sure if you've ever touched the burnt wick of one you've seen it on your fingers. Lamp Black is available in stores or you can make it yourself by holding an old ramekin or an old plate or really any receptacle you choose over a lit candle, I prefer this method though it does take a while to collect half a teaspoon. 

Mix all the ingredients to make a thick paste, then add your water only enough so that it flows easily, some people will add one teaspoon gum arabic. This item can be purchased in craft and art stores, I'm not fond of the shiny appearance it gives things so I omit this for alternatives depending on what my goals are for the element. This simple formula can be used for a variety of colors, simply purchase or create a pigment powder and substitute that for the Lamp Black. Play with the recipe if you'd like so that you get what you prefer, practice makes perfect. Ive come up with some one of the kind ways over the years and its fun to make it your own way.

I plan on there being three more within this series will share with them as they are released to the public.

Thank you for reading and thank you for the love.

More Later

 Mosaic Series of 2014' by Patrick Gorman Pettis


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