10th Entry, May 13th 2008

"If art mimics life, what piece are you working on today?"

- Patrick Gorman Pettis

"past that comes between us"

When it comes to getting an element to gift you with it's colours there are a few methods one can try.

The easiest of which is a technique I call "pressing". I love dandelions, they kind of remind me of me in a way lol. The misunderstood weed that tries real hard. My grandmother told me of a time when they would use them in salads and how my great grandfather would make wine from them. They are very bitter to taste and have an earthy tart and hearty smell.

If one really looks at these little guys and forgives them their reputation they can see something beautiful. Not only the delicate petals packed into a square inch sometimes by the hundreds but a bright snap of creation's purest yellow. It almost says "Hey!! Get Over Here! Lighten up!" they're just cute little persistent buggers to me.

It was really neat to learn that at a time when people were hungry and resources were low those characteristics made people grateful for them.

Anyway, what makes them great for this pressing method is that they can
be so abundant. Simply take the flower from it's spot, put the face of it flat to the paper or canvas adding a little pressure and drag it where you want the color.

The longer the color is exposed to air it gains lime then brown green hues to it. The timing of when to apply a color protect to prevent or enhance those changing tones is something that needs to be practiced.

If left in the air the color mostly fades after some time or turns a rustic mustard tone. It is this technique (among others) I used in the piece photographed above titled "past that comes between us". It's one of those things that even if you're not a painter it's fun to try.

The work itself is based on a true story of a couple that had simply gone through too much together. There are literally over seventy faces in the piece. I wanted to reflect the emotion that I believe we all have experienced when we accept that it's done and done.

The piece just went up in the gallery at :
under "Artworks" so feel free to take a peek if you'd like.



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