12th entry, June 4th 2008

"5 day Saint"

I believe in the temporary hero, the person who isn't always perfect but is mostly good and tries. I think that the world is full of these kinds of men and women, boys and girls. Yet where really are they recorded?

We can look in any church to see images of those more saintly - the people who could be perfect seven days a week. However more times than not there are everyday angels among us who go unknown, live and die unseen.

Though history may never mark their names and society never really hear of their deeds they are a necessary element to our populations. That is the reason I made this piece, it is for them. In a way to let them know that I can see that they exist and am grateful for them.

The piece has natural inks from rose, lobelia, sweet potato vine and chocolate. It was done on a 16 inch wide by 20 inch tall fine cotton, wood mounted canvas. I wanted to create a look of empathy and deep understanding. Like a listening that creates feeling within. To that concept I really felt the face needed realistic fatigue or a "well worked" tone - as if they had to walk a very long way. I kept the features soft to make it feel warm, open and approachable.

This notion was actually inspired by a real person, Geoffry Welsh. I saw him rather recently actually casually shopping. He was a college professor of mine that had unknowingly changed my life by changing the way I looked at the world around me. He is an amazing man I have a world of respect for, unconventional and stubborn lol.

The guy could really be intimidating, tall and intense but honest and kind (most of the time). I knew him to always be so passionate about the things he loves and a master in knowing them. I remember those qualities in part scaring the hell out of me and in ways making me pay attention.

I think at one point or another we each have our own 5 day saints and some of us actually become them. I hope you all enjoy the painting.


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