18th Entry July 30th 2008, 5th Installment "To Move A Bloom"

The mass majority of who we are is not bones and muscle, it is not brain tissue and cells, it is intangible - remove that "thing" and we are no longer the occupants of our physical beings.

However we are in a way addicted to these symbols of ourselves, these bodies and faces; having no memory of what it is that we really “look” like in an existence much greater and longer prior to this splash in our earthly pond. This is why ghosts still look human even in the period dress they once wore while living. It is familiar.

When love happens it happens in the soul. Yes there are physical releases of peptides doing their job making us feel “Ah’s” and “Oh’s” and an entire series of internal physical events that transform us down to the very cells and mapping of our brains. However what sets those things off is a stimulus and connection then a choice. What makes that choice albeit of our thinking or waking minds is that part of us which is intangible.

And when that choice is mutual – we merge. The observer and the observed are then one and the same, a unit. This is the statement I wanted to encapsulate by using the genderless figures here. The soul has no gender; energy possesses a consciousness graduated beyond the use of such a thing.

The painting now having reached it’s early adulthood is ready for the hidden images. I will be updating the blog with those in about a week or so. Thank you for reading, please stay tuned for the finished product.


TKO said…
Beautifully written.

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