scott Gentry said…
I am so proud to be introduced into the world of your aristic expression. You're as much the author (blogs) as you are the artist on canvas. I'll never forget you for the person you are, including notably, your incredible generosity in allowing me exposure to such a wonderful work as the "String Quartet Series". There's intense excitement in anticipation of being the holder of this fine collection. I'll be following you closely over time!!!
scott gentry said…
It is a great and humbling honour to be the student of your art : "
"String Quartet Series" of which I'll soon be the recipient of. I just reviewed your blog, on the series, and you're as much the artist on the written page as you are on the canvas. It is, as I suggested above, a great privelege to be a part of your intellectual and artistic world Your most devoted fan, Scott.

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