August 13th 2008, Hairless

Who are we really?

How honest can we possibly be in a world where we're almost expected to be unimportant and simply go?

I know that we are in fact each of us precious, and perhaps each of us just a little weird. We have our tools and "things" like our bodies, our homes and our details or preferences/addictions but hind sightly really how much do we need? And who sets that definition?

Well for any graduated soul the answer is simple, in reality, I do.

I do myself and only me set those definitions of who I am and how I am presented, let the rest be left for angels and devils to decide in how I am perceived

or how my true image is perverted.

Trust me between the mob and rumor they usually if not always do and 99.9% of the time need no permissions.

What is the difference in psycho-emotional miles between manipulation of one's own presentation and of other's perceptions then? Where within that does the truth lie (so to speak)lol?

This was a theory put on canvas by me after a psychic reading from whom I would consider one of the most wonderful and beautifully well communicated smooth and honest creative forces I have ever met in my own life time. His name is Michael Baldwin, hairdresser and a psychic one too. He and his partner have a local Spa.

Anyway he read my proverbial "beads" and I felt absolutely powerless, quiet and still although exposed quite beautiful. This man must attract muses and angels because there was an honesty and tact that would bound itself on miracle

I digress lest my thoughts get ahead of my words.

I went there for a reason - a change.

The gift needless to say was in exchange for extraordinary services and it is now hanging in their salon appropriately named

"Magical Scissors"

located at

2236 Broadway in New York, Historic Schenectady up Broadway through the old Rail Bridge past Ontario Street

There are two songs I used to create this piece to kind of acclimate my inspirations, you can hear them here:

The Theory behind the Piece titled "Hairless"

We as human beings are masters of expressing non verbal communication. We do so in our every day and mostly unconscious lives. Using clothing to express who we are or what role we play, how we are to be perceived. Using facial expressions, make-up even what we drive to sometimes make wordless statements about what we like or who we are.

Who then do we become or even are for that matter when the wrappers are off? This was the question I posed to the canvas – what of mans self image without the wrapper.

The image is meant to produce a calm unwilling, a shyness in its beauty. Broad strokes were used to signify the idea that we sometimes deal with ourselves too broadly. Tend to outline rather than fill the definitions of who we are and what we want.

A backward glance of the male figure was given toward his viewer to induce a want or acceptance and hope of understanding, perhaps even help or advice as to how to turn and face them.

Over all I was happy to use both elements of the home made natural materials I create and acrylic to capture a color spread which inspired me from the future owner’s business as my palette.

I hope they love it as much as I loved creating it for them.

Perhaps then still they might provide me with a picture of it hanging there for my blog unless they sue me for metioning their business without permission lol.


Anonymous said…
you are fucking amazing
Anonymous said…
for a gay guy yer a hulk this was way too deep for me half the words I have to wikipedia GET A JOB! lol jk

college is great - im drunik
TKO said…
Inspiring, thought-provoking, soul-stirring...

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