22nd Entry, September 14th 2008, Angelic Series part 2

- "Uriel" by Patrick Gorman Pettis 36"h x 24"l on framed cotton canvas completed 07/2008 in natural medium as part of the 2008 Angelic Series

The Angel Uriel assists us to convert our greatest disappointments into the source of our grandest triumphs if we are strong enough and open enough to let it happen.

Have you ever been so disarmed by someone else's actions that you hurt as though you were a child being beaten by a Leviathan?

That feeling puts one in a place where you are powerless to stop it, you are that defenseless against it and you do not know when it will end. More so you fear to be forever changed by it.

During those moments for some there is a hero known as the Arc Angel Uriel.

My inspiration behind "Uriel" was one at first of a rather specific and terrific disappointment. If one can see it, it wears itself on the canvas that way at first. However through time with this force of nature it then became what my definition of strength was in the grip of intense emotional, physical, and mental anguish.

I mean honestly, if we are all each having individual experiences in this world where then is the help through something like that? Where is the resolution when nothing makes sense to that individual, no advice can really be given and no further information is provided just a throb of the unknown and an ache for some kind of safety. A wordless desperation forms because no words can say the braided knotted mix and mess sufficiently, there is no easy remedy to such an impact and thing - rather than a cut it is like a burn, and it takes time to heal it. This Angel's purpose is to help that process and ensure it's success beyond better unto greatness.

Now a broken heart is one of the most terrific pains a person can experience, people have died from it. The term "unbearable" is mentioned in correlation to such a subject - and for those who know it's weight and pain, without me saying so, they know it really is.

It does not have to be due to a romantic complication, it does not have to do mostly with outside sources. Just like the physical placement of our literal hearts, it has to with the very center of things and that support which all things depend on - our very selves. Unfortunately to have expectations is to have disappointment, and it is so very human to disappoint one another and expect too much from each other.

For some it is a familiar thing and a way of life, and to those people, the "plate spinners" I call them, my heart goes out to them. No true happiness ever really reaches that sort, just drips of it matched with long periods of complication and meandering, wandering to the next thing, person or place. All the while leaving a trail of shattered plates they could no longer keep spinning, their belongings, their chapters in skeletons and secrets. In my singular opinion they are not an evil creature, some are quite beautiful and enchanting for awhile, they have simply lost touch with their natures and buried themselves in irrational fears, half truths and partitions. They choose being lost and eventually in time and age as such a thing does - end up shutting themselves out of life completely or becoming destructively desperate. It happens in nature all of the time.

An Ivy vine has no real roots of its own, without bark its a frail thing though it's leaves carry a fan like beauty but it is a wiry thing, and it needs a tree with a big strong trunk to live. It spends all of its time trying to cling to that tree and goes as high as it can unless knocked away or it gives up due to some complication it cannot traverse and it keeps moving to what could be the next bigger better tree until it eventually dies or is the first thing destroyed by bad weather. The tree, however, with strong roots and a thicker structure and bark to protect it has no need to worry about anything but taking care of itself, and many can stand hurricane force winds. Unlike these two co-inhabitants of our world, us humans can choose our methods and master them with some knowledge and understanding. So for all the "plate spinners" and "protractors" working your angels lol, there's hope, just try something different - your way isn't working after all really is it?

A song that helped me process and co create this piece is "Say" by John Mayer, I consider it a message to a loved one really - you can access that here just use your web browser to come back to my entry if you'd like to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejZGnBDTNto&feature=related

I digress with my personal philosophy and insight on these common things (for now lol).

In terms of betrayal, heart ache, etc this Angel provides a foreground toward clarity and resolution - not necessarily serenity but the method to gain it.

The reason it is such a dramatic piece is because when one calls unto itself such a powerful force of creation as Uriel one must be inside a terrible drama. Whips of color spin in and out of the upper left of the painting - but then as one looks a little longer colours settle and something solid begins to appear. The longer one regards it, the piece's drama turns to shape and settles into clarity and Uriel can then be seen - several times. I wanted it to be this way because as in impressionist art this is my impression of pain and the process of healing.

The leader in such images is the large head of Uriel looking over one shoulder outward. Its face intense and fixed, as a loved one irritated into deep powerful inconvenience. The notion of which calling for an action the depths of which could move planets and souls to make things more appropriate. Uriel, after all, as an Angelic element is the essences of deliverance and prosperity, justice for those just and treated unjustly, strength for the strong who are weak momentarily. It is a very passionate image using sweeping broad strokes with crisp to fainting lines and striations.

I used combinations of cinnamon, vinegar, salt and eremurus among other types of blooms to create the brilliant orange and violet red color streaming through the piece. The mineral Talc with pitch, chocolate and dandelion were used in contrast against a salmon back which was made from wild tiger lilly and an oak with an acrylic hodge podge applicae.

The piece was then placed and finished outside in a light early misted rain to place into it a symbolic sense of renewal as well as the knowledge that somewhere out there someone is missed. As it goes in my traditions when it rains it is a reminder that someone who loves you misses you and wishes you home. The rain serves as a symbol to that longing, where even the sky cries in response to the person's honest feelings. The water used in the stains and to create the stream like striations in the paint was from that very rainfall and one of the rivers near my home here in Scotia.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed the entry.

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