23rd Entry, September 18th 2008, Angelic Series part 3

"You mean each breath we take there is enough power to fuel a light bulb? Can you imagine if we were to run to something at the same time?! Holy Crap."

- Kaityn A.

Marlboro Mass, age 11


by Patrick Gorman Pettis

20 inches in height by 16 inches in length on pine framed cotton in natural inks stains and dyes valued at 1,727 USD by the Filopoly Board of Fine Arts

What happens to us when it seems as though the world we know and the one we wanted has left us behind?

We cope or suffer or both and either

live or die from it.

And there is no testament to strength to either

simply example as to how and why

the rest we can choose to keep private or share.


The Angel Zephreil was once known as the Angelic force "ZAPHREIL"

allowed it to serve as primary spy on behalf of the Name's into the Lucifer's very organized in dependant curiosities.

This creative force could change its nature and walk into the dark side but always coming back against the struggle with new knowledge and information, new strengths that going to such places can bring.

However, even for forces of creation to dwell in such an area until familiarity takes a wear and it eventually becomes, for lack of a better term, "infected" (much like depression or anger is contagious so this force was infected - think of it as a holy challenge major ass fiber of creation flu- tarred and feathered).

Anyway it almost "fell" or for a better depictive phrase basically "it got stuck" or "lost".

It is a terrible pain when one loses its way, cut off, isolated and heavy, still jigsawing the miracle and possibilities within ones self but wandering, looking, crossed between a world of giving up and hope without direction or path.

The thing of being found again is the reason why crickets chirp and fire flies spark in the late summers. They want something familiar, even if it is just a face attached to the flash of a memory. It happens in nature all of the time. Unfortunately for us humans, the creatures who were supposed to learn how to care for it all and understand most of it - it is my limited perspective that perhaps we were designed too weighted and that's why we mostly try to control each other. Being lost or found then becomes an individual choice and experience, just as we choose what we care about and take care of.

Love is after all perfect - even if we aren't.

I digress . . .

By right Zephreil is the Angel of the self struggle and self delusion. It is the essence behind the private detective in us that puts pieces together about things we believe in whether or not they are in fact true - our greatness vs weakness, or our generosity vs selfishness - the reality of who we actually are vs what the world sees us as or want from us.

This can confuse or clarify depending on where the caller's soul is/what their mind is like - it is not always a necessarily a good angel but it is a reminder as to how easy it is to become trapped by ones own self and what a person is used to.

Things like addictions, depression, bad relationships, anger, isolation, incommitment - these things that just continue on and on without change and are so very obviously unhealthy can also be a source of strength once they are traversed and the knowledge of how to conquer and cope with them is attained; this is the very essence of what the Angel Zephreil symbolizes.

The fiery sharp points of color used in baking soda and vinegar with wild grape against a deepening blue set the eye into a flash point, a skeeter-ed glimpse of a bucking horse in honey and henna as is in the foreground but there are literally over 43 separate images in the piece.

Chocolate, Salt, Kiwi, Strawberry, White Cherry, Corn, Vanilla, Aramis, Ivy, Platy Codon, Thistle, Cinnamon, Orange and over 20 more make up the ingredients to this piece.

The piece is not abstract, though to a knave viewer it might be considered so, it is in fact impressionist - it is my impression of a very old soul held in the immediate who chooses to be lost. To be lifted up or to fall, hands are there but as in the case of Zephreil do we choose to grab them or hide from them (rhetorical).

more later


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