31st Entry - The Castrato Series "Castrato Quattro"

There comes a time in each person's life when they are faced with an equivicalble challenge where they must either face themselves and grow or fuck themselves over and simply survive - these arent always epic or monumental moments, sometimes they happen at the ass end of a grocery line, but they are so very important to each of us personally and impact us as equally.

The question most people most of the time ask during these moments is "really?" and the answer most of the time is "yes, really". Although this seems a redundant dance between situation and participant the result is near to magical because it is a choice and in our choices lay our character in the play called life - where we can either play out to the fullest or break our own traditions and create consistance and find opportunity.

The concept between "Castrato Quattro" and this scenario situationalism is really quite similar - Imagine a time where the idea of you was more important the real you, imagine if your role was actually more valuable than you as a person.

It happens every day, thats why its so easy to forget ourselves. As in this painting - the Castrati performs to an empty opera house in full dress. There are no applauses, no clapping hands, not a note of music from the orchestra yet he sings in perfect pitch, a perfect performance in private to chairs and windows, wood and stone. He sings for himself and has succeeded in convincing the world that he is what he is not. Flawless illusion

not simply a she

an etherial she

of terrifying and epic


Near to Chapter XII - There is a caption of Anne Rice's book where the main character goes into being dressed and she (the premier dresser of Italy's Opera Houses) is more than willing to do so because she is being paid by our centurty's equivilence "by the hour" and the woman works her masterful handiship and stands back then flee's - something dark something wicked too perfect as though I must either repent my sins or die from them, and you are neither man or woman

"An Angel"

The companionship between the etherial and the human has been going on for centuries and is most of the time fueled by emotion. In this particular piece there are three words written in three different laguages that make one word. Can you find them - I will be taking answers from the 24th of April to the 15th of May - the winner gets a special prize lol

In the meantime enjoy the musings of my favorite aucoustical italian artist Marcus Areillius Ruggiero http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7V5CSNK0GI

more later


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