31st Entry - The Castrato Series

"Castrato Cinque"

There comes a time in each person's life when they look at the people they know and wonder what if.

These are not epic moments, sometimes they last only a fraction of a second, the woman we know at the drug store, the child we know will become an adult, the parent we've only known as a child and not as a person - these moments are valid, they're human, and they happen all of the time within us.

"Castrato Cinque" was inspired by the ninth Chapter to Anne Rice's Book "A Cry to Heaven" - the lead character is simply looking into a mirror at his own reflection - however the moment he has is one of those what if moments - a heartbeat long, and he for a spit second wonders exactly how far he has gotten away from himself

what has he become

who is he when he is alone

does he exist outside of simply playing a role at all.

The painting is done on wool backed with a sulfur and aluminium mix combined with salt water,

dandelions were used to make a simple stain called "pressing" to form a background - when combined with honey and oxygen they turn blue or even black
If you look closely at the eye - the main focus dilutes into a church in the background - a reflection upon a reflection, there are five dragonflies in the piece and twenty seven faces.
There is a message here - can you find it?
more later


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