30th Entry - The Second Series for 2010, CASTRATO

Introducing the 2nd Series for 2010 "Castrato"

As inspired by the Anne Rice novel "A Cry to Heaven" which is a tale about the Castrati in Venice Italy during a time where the Catholic faith was deeply vested in politics, wealth and beauty - these men some from more than humble beginnings, in exchange for some security traded the essence of their manhood for the voices of Angels.

What impressed me is the time period and language in which Mrs. Rice used to tell the dramatic tale about such a Castrato. Without giving away any of the plot or further iteration on her characters I will say it's a must read if you haven't done so you can acquire it in paperback for under ten dollars in some places, its highly addicting.

Once considered a fascinating oddity reveared and feared for their strange appearences, these men comprised a group held tightly by their own subculture - almost bohemian. Unfortunately the only known recording is from 1902 - the last Castrato Alessandro Moreshi, he was born in 1858 and is the only Castrato to ever make a sound recording. You can hear him here www.youtube.com/watch?v=slhhg8sI6Ds&NR=1, just click back to the blog when you're finished.

The series is scheduled to be released on the 5th of May 2010 and will be available to purchase in both the original and limited prints at that time, the location of the release is pending. Above in order are "Castrato Uno", "Castrato Due" and "Castrato Tre" there will be eight in the series released to the public with an additional two created strictly for private viewing making the series ten pieces total. Each Piece is created using a combination of acrylic resin and natural paints and stains made from things like chocolate, coffee, and cinnamon. As with most of my work there are several hidden images in each, I wont give those away but will hope you enjoy finding them.

More of the series as well as sources of my inspiration and photographs of me creating it will appear here once a week until the series is completed. Please stop by from time to time and check the updates.
In the meantime I will guest at the "3rd Friday Arts Night of Schenectady" in Downtown Schenectady NY, three pieces of mine from previous series will be shown and available for purchase at the new gallery and studio of glass master and artist Carolyn Markytan on 135 Jay Street - the event will run on Friday the 16th of this month until 9:30pm so feel free to stop by.

Thank you again for reading, and all of your words of support.

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