32nd Entry - The Castrato Series

There comes a time in each person's life when they wish they could simply reach out and touch god, but they cannot - as children we look to the sky and at the ground and wonder why. When presented to the solution "because" we are each challenged with the definition of our ownand at times that can become quite frustrating.

There are moments in our lives wherever we are when we look into the mirror and can barely recognise ourselves, and these are not monumental moments they go on and on within us in their own proclivity droning about like the hum of a cell phone set on vibrate. It is simply a need, to sing, to paint, to draw or caption or write or dance.

Alexander Scott once saw prints of my paintings and stated " Stop this train I want to go home tonight" and in the background to the left you can almost see a train. I digress - what is the real reason why we exist - this is the question

The answer is "because"
On Page 129 of Anne Rice's Book. "A Cry to Heaven" there is a single caption
"I do not know what saves me, I am a stranger to god and all of her incumbants - I am nature and a fierce voice to be recogned with"


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