7th Entry, April 27th 2008

The very last bit of paint to touch a nearly completed piece is my signature. I have to be sure that the work is finished and spend quite some time living with it before I even contemplate putting that seal on it. The photographs to the left are of me doing exactly that to the work known as "Breathe" as outlined in the previous six entries of this blog.

If you'd like to see this work from the very beginning all that you need do is scroll back. I personally find it entertaining because even though I've had pictures of me taken while working in the past I have never before journaled it this thoroughly. I found journaling this series to be both revealing and rewarding. I am really looking forward to actually writing more about the pieces to come.

By the time this blog is posted "Breathe" will already have been
treated with a special preservative to protect the living parts of it and keep the colors and striations fresh as if just painted. Because
there are natural inks, stains and dyes in the work made from flowers, bark and leafs I use a sealant mix I make myself (trade secret) that is non-obtrusive and doesn't add unnecessary or unwanted effects to the piece but preserves it forever.
As it stands the piece is already reserved by someone who fell in love with it. That is the greatest gift someone can give to this artist - to form a connection and in a way fall in love with a piece. Each and every time I create a work that is exactly my wish - to find that one person who can identify with the piece, be inspired by it and make it their own.
I feel it's because, like beauty, art is a mix of preference and perspective. What is wonderful to some is awful to others; sometimes we creative types get alot of awfuls before we reach that one person who sees your work just holds their breath for a second and tells you it's beautiful, and in that one painting they understand it. It's worth it for me at least, and its very humbling when I paint something that touches someone. To know that what you are saying is not only being heard but is understood. It is an amazing feeling really and it's why I do what I do.


ta-da :)
forgive the time stamp
it's wrong
but I have no clue how to get rid of it
eventually I'll call help desk and figure it out
or I'll have to get a new camera lol


Brian said…
Hey Patrick , Amazing art work . I wish I had more to comment on than that although I enjoy art and I know what I like i don't know the first thing looking at it from a technical view point. But a geek I am and if your still having a hard time with your camera ,and the time stamp bring it in some time and i will take a look at it . See ya

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