6th Entry, April 18th 2008

I believe that we human beings are much more sensitive then we are aware. I think we kind of have to "dumb down" that awareness to survive in a world where we are subjected to so much stimuli. Otherwise it would flood our minds and ultimately confuse or overwhelm us leaving a really nasty impression that never stopped on our beings. Kind of like tasting a dish that has every flavor in it all at once and leaving an aftertaste that never stopped. As a form of survival our minds are designed to specialize, connections in one or more areas are strengthened and others weaken. The result offers us as a race the potential to surf an omnipresent saturation of psycho-emotional and physical experiences and dive into those we ultimately choose to. That said I believe that the way a mind works is the way that life will be.

There are those moments where we allow our sensitivities to dialate and that sense in some capacity opens, widens and takes in, every ounce of what exactly is going on in the worlds around and inside ourselves. I could never find a great title for those moments or a simple explanation of them but we've all had them. I do not think we completely ever turn off our ability to be aware or our sensitivity, I believe that on some level we are always aware, cognoscente of everything that's going on. Have you ever loved a thing but not know why really? Or know that you were about to make a mistake but do it anyway and be absolutely right lol?
In the same vein there are things that trigger us to remember, or associate moments with them. A scent that can open an entire chapter of our lives, a color that can really piss us off, a single sentence that can inspire us to take action. Sometimes it takes so very little to do so much, and a single thought can change the very physical world around us.

Its amazing what can happen once we allow ourselves to become aware of it. This perspective is reflected in my creative process. I simply want people or even just one person to still themselves a second, open themselves up and become aware of what is in front of them. Then before you know it, one picture becomes many pictures in one, making the whole. Whereas air itself is not oxygen alone neither is this work titled "Breathe" simply one painting.

Now I cannot tell you where each of the secret images are placed (that would be no fun). However, I will in gratus for you reading this blog show you a few ;) These pictures were taken some time ago and the piece still has a little more work to be done on it as of the writing of this entry. By the time I've posted this the amount of hidden images will be almost doubled. I apologize for the date on the camera being wrong, someday I'll fix that just as soon as I get out the direction manual I can't seem to find lol. The image to the left (in case you still can't see it) is magnified almost 130% and is male figure looking downward.

Light brushings of violet concentrate with iodine and henna create the faintest outlines. Then if you allow yourself to defocus on the detail just for a second before you will appear a face, neck and shoulders looking upwards.

Below there is an image magnified at nearly 150% of another male figure looking down. In each of these expressions I wanted to create a single appearance of reflection, a mind in after thought. The kind of look one receives when they interrupt someone who was just remembering something personal. I believed that feeling of being interrupted went well with the leading male figure in this piece. Simply because the lead figure is very much not interrupted or distracted. As referred in the previous entries what the painting itself is trying to capture is the celebration of a single breath in a single moment.
Although this picture to the right (below) was taken while the piece was still drying and reflecting alot of natural light I hope you can make out the old woman's face.
She is actually one of my favorite of these hidden images. I was even almost surprised at the emotional content of her eyes when I was through with her. My work is all very personal to me, its an expression in and of itself, but there are those times when the piece simply takes over and I'm just a guy taking notes. This was one of those times when I stepped back and looked at her thinking "wow, where did you come from?" lol.
I know that sounds so eccentric and almost crazy but people who are really into what they are doing all experience this. Even professional athletes talk about a "zone" where they experience a type of flow between what they are doing and their environment. Where the brain seems to just turn "off" and other things take over making them feel more "on" than ever. I've even heard bartenders talk of something similar occuring on a busy night so it's not unique as much as it is really cool to experience.
In the last image I'll explain to you can you make out a close up of a face? You'd be amazed as to how many people cannot. Once people do take a second and actually see it they are amazed that they missed it at all. I'm always a little tickled at that point, because it's always the same kid like response no matter the age or background of the person. As I've mentioned in previous blog entries I think of these little secret additions in the piece as visual rewards for a person who actually takes the time to look at it. I feel that in order to really get to see something for what it is and to get to know it takes time. Today there's so much stress about that instant gratification, and although that's a great feeling it isn't the only one. Some things take more time to really get to know, like making a best friend.

I'll place one more below and let you figure it out. When the piece is actually complete I will post more photo's of it. I think as far as the work goes as a whole I'm really happy with it. The pictures really don't do it justice unfortunately. I feel there's something lost when it's transposed. What one misses are the delicate textures adding to the piece. They undulate throughout it so the eye has a multi-dimensional appetiser. It's the component that appeals to one's desire to reach out and run your fingers over the images. It's just so much more powerful in person. At least the pictures are here though so I can share with you this process and in my way take you through the birth and maturity of a work as it is developed. Most of all I hope you all enjoy it.

More Later :)


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