3rd Entry, March 26 2008

That's me working the very 1st part of what will be known as "Breathe"

It's amazing what can happen to time when a person is really into what they're doing.

It's just as amazing how the simple everyday act of existing can be so effortless when someone really enjoys the activity they're into.

On a side note, I mean I know people with regrets, you know the ones that claim they woke up one day and they were 90 or something to that effect.

I think the difference is being grateful and having the appropriate attitude.

That way one's life isn't a series of distractions, they're a pearl string of events and chapters to re-read/recall fondly and others still to look forward to. It's a way to make a moment into the most intricate forever and a day into a minute you can remember every second of.

I can't sleep tonight, and this painting titled"Breathe" and everything behind it is very much on my mind.

I started from 10am on it yesterday, and am still continuing to work on it at 4am and it seems like a snap of the fingers really.

When I think of my process I think of my mind being a very still pool - waiting.

Then Small drops of fluid-like thought and formless words drop into that pool creating ripples each where they connect.

A few at first, like a sign more's about to come and then its happening.
And I am tracing each drop, and listening, and seeing the pattern and taking notes as it is happening.

Before long there's form to the story and its taking greater shape before I am even aware of it.
I cannot say that I am exactly focusing on the work itself as I am trying to keep up with the velocity of it's transfer if that makes any kind of sense.

I know it must all sound very cryptic and "artistically deep" but lol really there's no better way to describe it and I can't help if it comes across a little romantic.

Well, the arts are all romantic, I certainly have a love affair with mine, and deeply adore my muses

oh my muses, the inspirations

they open me up to so much and mix so well
they trine each work in process
like the sum being as uniquely beautiful as each of it's parts
I love that word

anyway for lack of sleep and this blog being so very empty I descided to be a good boy and write a bit

I liked it, and I think I might be even more dilligent about it -

more later



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