2nd Entry, March 23 2008

I am not a man of words really - easily I am better written than spoken, and even better painting than I am writing when it comes to communicating the idea.

I suppose that's why I have always drawn and painted even since I was a child.

Stating so, I cannot really apologize for my blog lol

it's just simple me trying something new as a suggestion by my agent so here it goes - my 1st entry.

Were it to be I had no voice and no words and
were I to speak in sound alone
and had I to exchange the art of writing in sentences
to that of notes in stanzas
I would describe myself in a single five minute and forty-three second paragraph
"Whisper of a Thrill"by Thomas Newman
those readers who would truly like to get to know me should find it
it is me to a proverbial "t"

it is the song I hear in my head each morning and the song that comes to me when I'm painting and real serious about things and real peaceful with things

I sometimes use music in a variety of types to increase or enhance a mood while producing a piece. Sometimes it is simply to remind me of a moment when I heard the song, like a themed notation in my head.

Lately I've been drawn to another song titled "No Air" by Jordan Sparks and am working on a piece titled


inspired by so very much more than just the music.It tries to embody the almost universal feeling that someone encounters when a loved one is so very far away, then comes back.

It's an expression of pain for a distant love and then relief from that pain - even if short and temporary relief - it is both fragile in it's reverence and terrifically intense

There's a poem I wrote while in the middle of a great moment hearing the idea of it played out in my head and that song was playing. Here's the poem . . .

- for max

From the shoreline I trailed the thoughts of you thinking "somewhere"

and imagined perhaps what you might look like
what you might feel like,
like a home I knew and had yet to have
but so so very familiar and I knew I would know you

and now I know your face, and can hear your words
and I have followed you through threads of pulses
beating in sync from the shoreline
and I am so very very deep

before the wish and now the need
and although you stole my breath away
it aches that you're so far from me

so come closer still my sweet familiar
and for the very first time
let me breathe

I feel that when a person is really in a love that they can trust they emotionally spiritually and psychically "breathe" - in any relationship really,

be it a pet a child a lover or friend or even themselves - it's a relaxed and aware state

the link below is the song I mentioned above (for you less than lovers of the current top ten I apologize but I adore its innocence and complexity)

it really helps when the song is playing while you read the poem if you'd like


so this is my first entry the blog is still taking shape but hey we all have to start somewhere
- I’ll be sure to post some pictures of the piece as it takes shape

Happy Easter to all that celebrate it
to those that don't enjoy your time off anyway ;)

- more later


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