9th entry, April 30th 2008

Fans, friends and family have often asked me if it's ever hard for me to part with a work.

My answer is never the same twice really lol but the words are,
"it depends".

These pieces are a measurement of my energy and time on this earth. Considering that on a generous average in a rounded up kind of way that we only have about 100 years here that makes what we are doing each day a pretty big deal.

Easily they are a part of me, and I never really say goodbye to any of them, they are all in my head and locked into chapters of my life. They never really say goodbye to me either because a part of me goes with them each time a piece is sold. Some of the newer artists and people I've taught have had problems with this. My advice to them was really to have two bodies of work.

There are those works created that I simply cannot part with for whatever reason, too personal, too illicit etc. Those are part of a secret collection that no other eyes save my own have ever seen. Those are the pieces that are just for me. Not saying that they are more "important", I don't think that way. Each piece is special in its own right, unique and celebrated by its own nature.

These pictures to the right are of the painting "Breathe" as detailed in the previous entries of this blog. It arrived to its owner a brief time ago and was immediately taken to the frame shop. It's owner once having saw it in person for the first time allowed me to quote him on his thoughts of the piece:

"In Breathe I see a tortured elaboration of the realization of self-freedom, an exalted vision from which Pettis squeezed living tones and colors from an intense alertness to the inrush of daily sensations."

Once it is framed it's owner might be generous enough to send me pictures to post here. That will complete the story of "Breathe", at least from my life's chapter for now, from concept to creation to completion and finally display.

I used, actually at first rather timidly, the Glenville UPS location in Socha Plaza off of Route 50 to send "Breathe". It was a Saturday when I walked in there approximately 3 minutes before they locked the door (artists can be quite magnificently oblivious to the world in some aspects and extremely sensitive to it in others - we are a weighted eccentric folk mostly but god loves us anyway lol). Barring the inconvenience to them all I felt a team of professionals waited on me smiling, the head of which was named Chelsea - patient and kind to a overly paternal client. She assured me the piece would be fine as did the driver himself. I have no clue if she was a manager but she spoke and carried herself with ownership and I respect that. I will be back there again for their kindness and professionalism. I highly recommend it for others in their shipping and packaging needs.

I digress, I'm currently obsessed with another concept I would like to share in my next entry, but I have yet to iterate it. Right now it's more a feeling in color lol but when it goes from fetal to form I'll be sure to share it here. In the meantime I'm going to get out in this super sunshine bright warm weather and perhaps do some go-carting with friends.

More later :)


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