25th Entry, November 26th 2008, Angelic Series part 5

" All that we spirits desire, we spirits attain and so

if it were an eye for an eye the whole world would be blind,

know then too that a work of art is a step from what is "so obvious" and well known by the wise

toward what is Arcane and concealed.

Forget not that the very Earth delights in the feel your of bare feet, as does the wind love to play with your hair.

For it is known also by the wise

that Love knows not it's own depth until those hours of separation. And a little knowledge that produces even the smallest of action is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle"

- Kahill Gibran

This Thanksgiving I challenge each of you to stand up at your tables and be grateful because none of us deserve anything and we have everything and at least more than someone else, I dare you to feel grateful and to announce and express gratuity in your own ways

even if it just means looking the next person in the eye and saying, "Thank You".

Now lets get to the art

A simple tincture consisting of coffee, green tea and pepper flakes was used to treat the cotton canvas. The wood is a sanded and dried pine (which swells and is greatly receptive to any kind of moisture once it's protective layer of bark is removed).

Sea salt (thick grain) was quickly rubbed onto the frame to preserve the exact stretching of the canvas as you can see in the 2nd photo. Brass locks are used to hold and secure the shape of the frame into a perfect 14 inch by 11 inch shape - otherwise it would become oblong, a trapezoid or parallelogram.

Once completed and perfectly dried I applied apple peel, cotton and milkweed to make sure that the frame would stay pristine.

"Remahlkraeil - the littlest Angel, the red autumn leaf"

The power of the smallest action can produce a ripple that can actually move mountains. A simple vibration at the right time at the right frequency has been known to break glaciers in two. One calorie of heat can charge a battery for almost one 4ths of a second if done a certain way.

As a species we really have lost more than we know from one another than we have attained anything from each other - so who are we to say that something as ancient as even the littlest of Angels, of the likes we hardly even see anymore, isn't more powerful and comprehensive than even the mightiest of humans? That's rhetorical folks.

Poetess Abbiola Ossipov writes, in reference to (or inspired by) little Remahlkraeil, "Embrace Life with no Restriction. Be true to you always, that is what really matters most . . . the you as you should be and nothing less".

However it's so easy to forget something so small as ourselves sometimes, when society and things like debt and such are so big.

Well Angel's don't think that way and honestly neither do I, and I'm not alone. Just like a little long gone Gospel Muse by the name of Dottie.

Anyway, I'll tell you more about her later, in the meantime here's a song for you wonderful readers I am so grateful for. I've used it as part of my inspiration for the piece: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaX0IcT_2sw

Happy Turkey day all -

be it with family of birth

or family of choice

we all have a reason to be




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