26th Entry, November 27th 2008, Angelic Series part 8

From time to time, even when we don't really know it, we all call on Angels.

It is simply a basic force of creation to assure us that everything is simply ok.

We humans being human can get so very busy we sometimes end up the last ones on our "to do" list. And sometimes we end up so far down that list we get lost. In my single experience, and in my simple understanding, it isn't really fair of me to treat something so special so poorly. However, I also understand that everything happens for a reason and that the reason exists before that specific "thing" did to fulfill it, me included lol. Admittedly I am not always at the top of my own to do list, but that's why I have a special reminder by the name of Annael, I digress.

Anyway, it happens in nature all the time.

Once the apple peel oxides it creates a simple wax at it's skin which when heated turns into an oil that is really quite popular in candles and is extremely fragrant. Added to willow and lemon at a high evaporation rate it can separate pigment from cotton and create texture on just about any basic platform except papyrus, birch, tique or bamboo. The end result are pencil hair thin and fine striations (as depicted in the 2nd photograph).

I used Papal colours in this specific piece (Crimson, Violet, and Gold) because of the royal content. In my understanding, as best explained to my fans, and readers; The tertiary and smallest Angels have the backing of two other tiers of Angels behind them because they , in fact, are fragile - the most precious amounst the holy. So those above them protect them most zealously, they are the rarest and in my soul's knowledge I know that there are fewer and fewer left on our right shoulder's. SO at this point in time they are highly protected by the "bigger ones".

Think of it as an imp with more than three-thousand big brothers/sisters, a billion countless cousins and a really REALLY big dad/mom. I wouldn't harm that dart simply out of respect for it's affiliations let alone from some plain old basic fear and common sense lol. In fact, I listen to mine rather frequently simply out of respect, humility (that after all of my stupid stubbornness it still sticks around) and earnestness.

Anyway, once dried it was placed into a bed of Autumn leaves and I used a tincture of henna, honey with cinnamon and garlic to outline what would be the image in my mind. However the power behind each of those elements visually led the viewer to a rather strong and "pissed off" experience (as depicted in the next three photographs, note the facial expression). It depicted an incomplete, though partially correct essence of this specific Angel.

At this 22nd hour it was clear to me that more work needed to be done for this specific piece, and that it also needed to be coaxed rather than demanded onto canvas. A kinder and gentler method was required for such a delicate source.
However that's a private process.

More later


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