27th Entry, November 29th 2008, Angelic Series part 9

Remahlkraeil - the littlest Angel and Giver of the Red Autumn Leaf
14x11 inches on cotton canvas
as commissioned by Mr. James Beck
valued at 890 Euros, 1,074 US Dollars
receipt number 1994756320

Everyone has an Angel

Here is the story behind Remahlkraeil

Once Upon a time when all the world was covered with the most beautiful of creations, Angels became separated.

You see, there was a momentum of creation then and so it was, as it was known by all that could be known so as a gift and guide there were special ones, like seeds scattered amounst the Earth, the Sea and Blue Green Jewel - and to each of them - from those that were left - were assigned an Angel to keep up the Garden of Humankind.

One for the right shoulder, and another for the left. Of all of the Angels there 14 that stated their gifts were at the mercy of all of creation, there are 9 left today still here with us.

The most powerful of which are Obian (brown), Cerah (yellow), Remahlkreil (red and gold), Taurmaline (blue and violet) and Pheonas (silver and pink).

The littlest Angels

We have come so far and know so little as a species. However although I am a simple and often silly tool in the hands of these elements I trust, I take comfort in knowing I am not alone.

The unremembered Ms Dottie Rambo was quoted as saying, "The Greatest gift that I have ever come across is the ability to sing, it's as though I'm not the one even singing. I just get so full up it has to come out somewhere. . . ."

one hell of a lady in all her awkward glory, just simple and good and wouldn't hurt a fly



as a simple aside I offer my readers this story

In a Q&A during one of my lectures I was asked by a young music artist, a rather seemingly angry young man, "Why do we [humans] exist?". My agent was at the microphone at the time however I couldn't resist to answer the boy so I promptly stood up from my chair, walked to the microphone, and asked him his name.

I answered him in the following statement, "We as a species exist because we are the ones who are charged to take care of it all, organise it all or destroy it all - the same power that makes villains can make heroes, the choice is individual. The key is to remember that there is a power within each of us that makes us all unique and it is the ability to create in our own ways that makes us special. There is a garden within us, above, and beyond us and it is not exclisive - it lies within each of us." - ver batum folks, and I have it on video too lol

He promptly shut up and sat down. His name is Eric and I still speak to him this very day from time to time. He's actually quite successful and still quite angry lol.

Life is really quite precious and also both quite complex and fragile.

Most people don't understand that.

Underneath the initial painting there are seven hidden images including a sacred script in Enochian translate. The Artess, and custom card maker Ms. Lisa Wray was kind enough to contribute her quote for this specific piece - she states in Reference to this Angel "To love and Be Loved, Is the Greatest Joy on Earth". You can find her artwork here: http://www.lisawray.com/ - she is one of the best card makers and a personal favourite on the face of the Earth, if I were to choose two words for this woman it would be custom and kind.

The print was transcribed into Enochian (aka Angelic Script and sandstone was used to create some few striations in the piece - when mixed with white wine vineager and grape it produces an acetate that settles into a gloss, depending on how much lye is in the stone). If one can see it in person they can also see the text.

Anyway, it was inspirational, as was this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D__p-de-GfE&feature=related
More later ;)
"keep a secret but tell the world"


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